AINOKI free yourself


AINOKI free yourself

"I want to be beautiful."
AINOKI was created to grant all your wishes.
So we won't be held back
by age, gender, or race.

So we won't be constrained
by existing theories of beauty.

Always innovative, for results you can really feel.
Your heart will beat faster in surprise.
Let got of your conventional ideas
about skincare, and makeup,
as although it is simple, it will exceed your imagination.

Unlock your potential.
With this goal in mind,
we will not set any limits either.

We want to bring happiness by getting to know each of you,
and through the delight of helping you achieve beauty.

We hope to offer these ideas to our valued customers,
one by one, with love.


The aspirations of our brand

"AI" evokes "eye" and "I" in English and means "love" (AI) in Japanese.
"KI" is the Japanese word for "tree" (KI) and the first syllable of "feeling" (KIMOCHI) and "beauty" (KIREI).
We hope our customers will become happy by feeling more beautiful with AINOKI products.
We aim to make products that will be loved. Those are our aspirations.

AINOKI is the makeup for a new you, where you create only what you want.

Makeup holds unlimited power.
AINOKI believes in this power, for you to amplify your individuality, as you are the only person like you in this world.
With refined colors and textures, our lineup will excite you, and it is fun to use.
With one line, one wash of color,
you can create a fresh face that will dazzle you.
It will bring out a new charm beyond your imagination.
The more you draw, the more you will discover, and the more you draw, the freer you will become.
AINOKI is the makeup that can broaden your beauty potential, according to your tastes.



AINOKI skincare awakens the limitless potential of your skin.

Your skin, by itself, possesses the power to be beautiful.
AINOKI awakens that power,
as skincare whose goal is skin that shows real results.
With its selected beautifying ingredients and methods that amplify results, its pleasant smell will make you look forward to your skincare routine.
It draws out your skin's potential, nurturing healthy skin that can withstand environmental fluctuations.
Looking at, touching, thinking of your skin, and turning your attention to your skin.
By transforming your state of mind, you can transform your skin. You can become something you like even more than you do now.
Your skin — it's who you are.
AINOKI is skincare that will even bring beauty to your state of mind.